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Here are some extra information for those interested by tides, astronomy or navigation.

Moon Phases in real time:

Canadian Tide tables
A Fisheries and Oceans Canada site (Hydrographic Services), from which one might find daily tides for a given location within Canada.

American Tide tables
A NOAA site that also gives daily tides for a given location but in this case for United States

Canadian list of Lights, Buoys, and Fog Signals
A Fisheries and Oceans Canada site (Coast Guards), where all the lights and buoys are listed including their exact position. Generally updated with latest Notice to Mariners.

American list of Lights
A NIMA site that lists all lights on the american territory, with exact positions and updated to latest Notice to Mariners.

Earth and Moon viewer
A quite interesting site, with real-time representations of Earth seen from Moon (and vice-versa). Main site created and hosted by Fourmilab (Swizerland)